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Where’s the Tiger?
by Surendra Mohanty
It is like any other evening. The brown sahib sits on the porch of his mansion overlooking the street outside. From where I stand in the living room, I can only see his shining boots and his grey trousers. Though the rest of him is hidden from me, I know he is wearing his usual white shirt, starched stiff and ironed. His slim body belies his age, and though he has no paunch he wears suspenders with his trousers. He is expecting visitors, visitors unknown to him, yet, who come here every evening and ask him, “Where’s the tiger?” Read On

The Dictionary by Lilian Sanket 

The Ghost
by Suma
It was a cold winter night. I waited for my train to arrive. I got pretty scared, because there was no light and the dogs were howling. Read On

Lion & Mother-in-law
by Seshu Chamarty
A newly married woman from a village went to a Swami (an ascetic) to ask for a thavis (magic armband/charm). She complained to him about the ill-treatment she was getting from her mother-in-law. She insisted the all-knowing saint presented her with his famous charm. Read On

Aryan Supremacy!
by Ramendra Kumar
On 4th February Aryan, our all black Labrador, our God of beautiful things, bid us a final adieu. He left us shattered, his memories stalking us everywhere. There was only one way out – to resurrect him in a new avatar. Eleven days after his departure he returned in a fresh incarnation. Read On
by Suma
The girl was always engrossed in a book. She hardly talked to anyone in her class. She had newly taken admission to ‘GRS International School’ for 8th Standard.  Her classmates thought that she was strange and not willing to mingle among others. Everyone knew her just by her identity card. She never told them her name-Nita. Even her parents didn’t know the reason for her habit of not talking to others. Read On 

New Poems
Sundays by Ananya S. Guha
Change... by Ananya S. Guha
Authors by Ananya S. Guha
A Letter On Rains... by Ananya S. Guha
Freedom: A Song And A Poem !  by Ananya S. Guha
The House 
Love by Ananya S. Guha
Tutorials by Siba Smarak Panigrahi
Our India by Ananya Prasad
Poem by Ananya S. Guha  

Flowers and Life by G. Jaya Harshini 
The Peacock by G. Jaya Harshini 
New Poems 
I Recite a Poem by Ananya S. Guha 
Un-appreciated Gift by Siya Singh
A Picture by Ananya S. Guha
My World by Ananya S. Guha
Peace by Khadija Zaheer
Spring by Annie Thakur
Poem on School Days by Roshan
Time by Ananya S. Guha
I know and I guess by Akanksha Bhattacharjee  
Classy Class by Akanksha Bhattacharjee  
Oh! That Summer! by Arsh Singhal 
We Should Be Hardworking by Arsh Singhal
The Rain Girl by Ananya Prasad
Global Warming by M.R. Gokul
Trees by Ananya S. Guha
Life by M.R. Gokul
Who are You to Me? by Ananya Nair
Garbage by Ananya Nair
A Chill in the Night... by Yastika Guru 
What Do I have? by Ananya S. Guha 
Suppose... by Yastika Guru
The Sea at Calangute, Goa by Ananya Prasad
Questions And Answers! by Ananya S. Guha
Tea  by Ananya S Guha
The Toothless Boy by Yastika Guru
This Summer... Ananya S Guha 
My Frame  by Avni Maheshwari 
The Colourful Peacock by Ananya Prasad 

The Reunion
by Sunwrita Dastidar
The sun shone in the brilliant blue autumn sky, strewn with fleecy clouds. A cool breeze blew through my hair, bringing with it the refreshing scent of an early morning. The birds chirruped in the trees, a sound rarely heard in our city. The joyful day mocked my dejected feelings. Today was to be a reunion. Read On

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